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The leading exporter of Philippine products

Bethany Sales Inc. (BSI) is a leading exporter of Philippine native products, including noodles, snack foods, and frozen goods. We own and develop the popular Sagana Delights brand, which is trademarked in both the US and Philippines and is available in various markets. Additionally, we export a wide range of Philippine grocery food items to customers in North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.


A fully integrated coconut processing plant 

Natural Quantum Diversified Products Inc. A fully integrated coconut processing plant in San Ignacio, San Pablo, Laguna was built to produce various products out of coconut, such as, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Skimmed Milk, Coco-Vinegar, & Nata de Coco. Special production runs are also done to produce Full Fat Coconut Milk (Gata), Full Fat Desiccated Coconut, Low Fat Desiccated Coconut, Ice Cream Mixes & Coconut Syrup. The plant is supported with a modern research and development laboratory. 

Coconut Trees
Bringing Philippine Food to the Global Market
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